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IAastha Research and Consulting

We create the ideas that you have.

We are a team of engineers and researchers who love solving complex problems with creative solutions. We work as in house team with complete transparency and comfort, reducing time and efforts to achieve early product market fit.

How we can help you!


Out of the box thinking, ability to segregate noise and our will to develop new things and never fear from the unknown. Our team has a YES attitude to your ideas & problems.


To Do attitude of our team, we try to understand our prospects psychology and figure out what they are actually in need of. Our Skilled team members brings your creating ideas to live with a pinch of smart & simple engineering.


We understand most of the problems looking complex first hand have a simple solution, the only effort is how smartly we can segerate and divide the problem and solve a big problem in smal chunks.

About Us

Ashish Baghel


We aim to create value to our customers by providing clear and precise assistance and directions during the product development phase. We try understand the mindset of the end-consumer and implement contextual psychology in product to achieve best possible results.

IAastha Research and Consulting was created after understanding the pain points that start-ups and founders face on the tech side, and same is the unqiue proposition for iAastha, our team members have been founders and/or worked closely with startups and have ability to smoothly maneuver the development as business demands. .

Before building iAastha we've worked at companies like 👇

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