Are you listening to your DATA?

We will make you hear and make sense out of it! We are your Data Engineering partner to increase efficiency by solving critical problems leveraging emerging technology & data at its core. Many Startups & Organisations have benefitted from us. Ask us how?

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Who are we?

We are a team of engineers and researchers who love solving complex problems with creative solutions.
We work as in house team with complete transparency and comfort, reducing time and efforts to achieve early product market fit.


Our inhouse expertise in emerging tech and Data science such as AI / ML / NLP along with the deep understanding of business strategy, customer service and marketing gives a competitive edge to our partners resulting in huge time saving and efforts.

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We love being agile

Our responsive engineers and researchers work with you, iterate on the product, tweak the functionality as per customer & their feedback. Enhance & Evolve the product every single day.

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Data Engineering

Data is new oil. Industry generates lot of data but dont know how to use it to gain insights. We mine the data and put insights in front of you.


Security and Reliability

We help enhance the security of your current system and ensure the services are always available for your customers.


AI | Machine Learning | NLP

We help you to identify likelihood of future outcomes using data, statistics, and machine learning techniques.


Research and Development

We assist you in all the emerging technologies with our inhouse experts and researchers.


Cloud Computing

We use cloud services to enable fast development, create robust and scalable solutions for our customers.


Communication and Availability

Our team is always available and responsive to clients request. This ensures to keep high quality services delivery to our clients.

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